Continuous data flow ...


is on of our main development goals.

An integrated CAD/CAM process chain with continuous, unbroken data flow - from model design to the manufacturing of the individual assembly components on the CNC machines - serves to avoid mistakes and provides for enormous time savings and an increase in efficiency by streamlining regular design and manufacturing tasks. It also serves very well at short-term design changes to design manufacturing-ready product models and generate the correspondig NC programs at the push of a button, to accomplish time-critical customer demand under economic conditions.

Therefore, we are offering alongside to our specific services and support, 6 powerful software solutions for woodworkers. - Which are capable to optimize, simplify and streamline your business processes.

PASCAM software will support you in many ways at the design, the manufacturing and management of your woodworking products.

All PASCAM software solutions are either directly integrated into the SOLIDWORKS® user interface or are capable to process SOLIDWORKS® files.