CNC Bedienung

PASCAM Bea is a feature-based 3D-CAM system for SOLIDWORKS®, which was especially developed for CNC machining with woodworking machinery. With PASCAM Bea you can add manual manufacturing information to your SOLIDWORKS model, generate automatically feature-based NC programs for woodworking CNC machines or create program parameters for complex throughput machines.

PASCAM Bea enables you to add genuine woodworking CNC machining features to your product model, whereby the CNC programming tasks are fully integrated into the standard SOLIDWORKS® design process of creating manufacturing-oriented product models. PASCAM Bea is working completely associative to the SOLIDWORKS® geometry and therefore paves the way for the easy and intuitive creation and editing of tool paths and CNC strategies directly at the manufacturing geometry of the 3D model. The result is maximum versatility and flexibility in the design process up to the actual CNC machining.

Universally usable in mass production, as well as to meet time-critical specific customer demand by manufacturing individual items or small series in the shortest time possible.
- Economically feasible starting from a "lot size of 1".

The CAD/CAM system PASCAM Bea is as highly integrated into SOLIDWORKS® as it is in our woodworking CAD system PASCAM Woodworks. That's why there is no stand-alone version available and it is only distributed in combination with a PASCAM Woodworks installation.

Program your woodworking CNC machines safe and efficiently - directly from within SOLIDWORKS®!

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