PASCAM WoodBatch


PASCAM WoodBatch is an Add-On to the 3D-CAD-system SOLIDWORKS® and the software packages PASCAM WoodWorks und PASCAM Bea for the unattended, automatic remote control and data preparation of SOLIDWORKS® processes by means of a control file in XML format.

Easy to use and completely integrated into the PASCAM software family, PASCAM WoodBatch is a powerful tool to generate automatically CNC-Data and save the generated model.

PASCAM WoodBatch offers an efficient, well structured data preparation for manufacturing-oriented product models in a time-controlled batch process, based on model data from 3rd party sytems, like ERP and PPS systems.
PASCAM WoodBatch serves also ideally at the generation of CNC data directly at the machine - virtually in real time.

Another tool that can be used in a comprehensive manufacturing process with PASCAM WoodBatch, is the "Quick switch". It enables quick and safe execution of short-term design changes on your manufacturing-ready models at the SOLIDWORKS®-level.