• In the run-up to our last trade fair appearance at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 we have published some more short demo videos on the PASCAM Youtube channel, which illustrate the performance of the current 2018 version of PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea at this playlist.

  • In spring 2018 we did present our software solutions from March 21 - 24 at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 in Nuremberg, in hall 11.1 / booth 11.1-149:

    Once again we did demonstrate numerous practical improvements and powerful enhancements, which have been recently implemented into the current software release of our woodworking 3-D CAD/CAM products, based on suggestions of our users and partners.
    Development focus of the 2018 version has been the consistent enhancement of our "Design for Manufacturing" approach for manufacturing-ready product modelling and CNC programming, which in its current development stage provides an unmatched, high degree of automation at the generation process of manufacturing-ready product models.
    The built-in Smart Factory competence of the PASCAM software solutions enables integrated, efficient Smart Manufacturing up to highly automated processes and unattended operations.

  • For current reasons, with the release of the PASCAM Service Pack SP14, starting March 31st 2017, we will only support installations based on SOLIDWORKS® 2016 SP0 and newer. The PASCAM software solutions are no longer supported on older SOLIDWORKS® versions.

  • We have added a couple of new demo videos, showcasing various PASCAM WoodWorks features on our PASCAM Youtube channel!
    In the coming weeks, we will upload further videos in this PASCAM WoodWorks playlist to show the new PASCAM user interface, additional features and the whole PASCAM operating concept.

  • In spring of 2017 we did showcase our software solutions from 22 to 26 May at LIGNA 2017 in Hall 15 / Booth E39, in Hanover, Germany:

  • Q3/2016 ServicePack release for PASCAM WoodWorks V3 and PASCAM Bea V2
    The quarterly PASCAM ServicePack has been released at the end of October 2016 for the current 64-bit versions of PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea.
    It is available for all customers as a free download. Find more information at the download area of ​​each respective PASCAM software product.

  • NEW - the PASCAM Youtube channel, showing our current demo videos:

    • Please note the explanatory remarks on the individual videos on our Youtube channel.
    • Kindly note that the videos show the main PASCAM features and design process, yet the PASCAM user interface got a major overhaul in the last months.

  • PASCAM would like to thank all our customers and prospects for visiting us 2016 at at the HOLZ-HANDWERK. From 16–19 March 2016 we did show innovative new developments of our software solutions at Hall 11.1 / Booth 161.

    Once again we did present numerous practical improvements and powerful enhancements, which have been recently implemented into the current software release of our woodworking software solutions, based on suggestions of our users and partners.
    Development focus of the 2016 version of our 3-D CAD/CAM products has been a more efficient user guidance and improved interactivity at the design process, to achieve the desired design results at the model more quickly and safely, as well as the consistent enhancement of our "Design for Manufacturing" approach for manufacturing-ready product modelling and CNC programming, resulting in unmatched consistency throughout the entire CAD/CAM process chain.

  • No PASCAM support for Windows 10 installations until further notice
    With regard to the upcoming release of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, SOLIDWORKS® is indicating that the following Windows 10 versions are currently supported:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64 bit only)
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (64 bit only)
    The following SOLIDWORKS® versions will support the Windows 10 versions, mentioned above:
    • SOLIDWORKS® 2015: SP5
    • SOLIDWORKS® 2016: SP0
    Excluded Windows 10 versions are:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 in the 32 bit version
    • Microsoft Windows 10 will not be supported for SOLIDWORKS® 2014 and prior releases
    Note: Please check the current SOLIDWORKS® system requirements on the SOLIDWORKS® website for the latest information or contact for further questions.
    In accordance with SOLIDWORKS® guidelines PASCAM is also attempting to support the Windows 10 versions mentioned above. Since no final tests have been made yet, we recommend all current users and prospect customers to refrain from an installation of Windows 10 until further notice at this point in time, so PASCAM in turn can continue to guarantee the full compatibility and support of your PASCAM software installation.

  • Second ServicePack for PASCAM WoodWorks V3 and PASCAM Bea V2
    From now on the second ServicePack for the current 64-bit versions of PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea is available as a free download.
    You can see which problems we have fixed and the functions we have added at a PDF file at the download area of ​​each respective PASCAM product.
    We would like to point out to all existing and prospective customers, that as an installation basis for the current PASCAM 64-bit software solutions at least SOLIDWORKS® 2013, 64-bit is required. Older SOLIDWORKS® versions that were released prior to 2013 do not meet the minimum requirements and are thus not fully compatible with the current PASCAM software solutions!

  • In-depth testing has proven that all the PASCAM software solutions are supporting the current release of SOLIDWORKS® 2014 in every aspect. A general approvement for all PASCAM software users to update to SOLIDWORKS® 2014 and the current Servicepack is hereby granted. Our customers from the woodworking sector will now be able to enjoy the current powerful enhancements of the latest SOLIDWORKS® release to work with an even faster and more user-friendly application.

  • PASCAM will end the support of 32-bit Windows Operating Systems as of SOLIDWORKS® 2014!
    In accordance with SOLIDWORKS® guidelines, the upcoming PASCAM versions for SOLIDWORKS® 2014 will be the last to support Windows 32-bit operating systems. This applies to installations based on 32-bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
    The main reason is the announcement of SOLIDWORKS® that versions from 2015 and beyond will generally not install on 32-bit operating systems. In addition, we as software developers, as well as many of our users have made the experience that a SOLIDWORKS® installation, based on the current 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems, offers many significant advantages over 32-bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, such as:
    • Support for more memory (over 4 GB RAM), allowing the creation of larger and more complex models
    • Improved stability
    • Better performance to increase overall design and modeling speed
    PASCAM recommends all current users and prospect customers - if not done yet - to switch to a current 64-bit Windows 7 or 8 operating system. This step will guarantee to receive continuous full compatibility with current SOLIDWORKS® versions and maintain full support for the PASCAM software solutions in the coming generations.

  • Currently no PASCAM support for the 32-bit version of SOLIDWORKS® 2013!
    Preliminary tests for the currently released version of SOLIDWORKS® 2013, 32-bit have shown that the current PASCAM Woodworks and VariXPASCAM versions 2.x are not working properly with this release candidate.
    Due to unforeseeable changes at certain SOLIDWORKS® interfaces with the release of version 2013, incompatibilities with the existing 32-bit PASCAM software solutions evolved, which had the consequence that PASCAM software solutions are not able to support the currently published 32-bit version of SOLIDWORKS® 2013 at the moment.
    PASCAM strongly recommends users, which are still working with 32-bit systems, not to update to SOLIDWORKS® 2013 in the currently available service pack version!
    This notice does not apply to users who are running a 64-bit system; the 64-bit version of SOLIDWORKS® 2013 and the corresponding 64-bit PASCAM software solutions are fully compatible and remain fully supported.
    The next generation of PASCAM software solutions (PASCAM WoodWorks and VariXPASCAM in version 3) will be able to ensure full compatibility, not only with the 32-bit but also with the 64-bit version of SOLIDWORKS®.

  • The PASCAM Handicraft Edition bundles our industry proven woodworking design and engineering solution PASCAM WoodWorks with the world's leading 3D CAD system SOLIDWORKS® under a OEM licence. Directly distributed by PASCAM, the package contains extensive user training and comprehensive support for an efficient and safe application - starting from the very first day of use.

PASCAM Handwerker-Edition

You can find more informationen here.

  • Have a look at the short demo videos of our PASCAM software solutions at the SOLIDWORKS® Partner product website.
    The Partner video program from SOLIDWORKS® is offering select partners an opportunity for a brief demo that highlights the integration of partner products in SOLIDWORKS® in a fast and easy to follow format. PASCAM was chosen as one of the few SOLIDWORKS® Solution Partners worldwide to join this program and upload our woodworking CAD/CAM videos right at the launch of this new program!
    Additional demo videos of the PASCAM software solutions are also available at the PASCAM Youtube channel.

  • Have a look at the 'Press review' on our homepage, showing an overview of certain reports and articles published in the leading technical journals in the German-speaking area about PASCAM and its products.